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Here is a story that we received a few years back, and I think it deserves repeating.  I am going to copy it verbatim, Dec 19th 2012.  This is story that was written by an 89 year old man who was not an animal lover.  The man's name is Mr. Chris Claizo from Morris AZ. and this story has not been edited.

"I have lived in AZ. for 89 years. Same town all these years, and I can tell you I have never been impressed with people and especially not dogs.  But I ran into one person and one dog I will not forget.  I want to tell everyone about a girl named Amy and a dog named Dan.

Our small town has its share of people coming in to climb and hike.  That is the only thing people come here for.  Well two kids got into some trouble and Amy and Dan came to my town.  Amy, this girl with the bluest eyes and big dimples and Dan this Big Red Dog by her side.  This dog had no leash or nothing.  He just stayed by her right side listening like he was a human.  I am not a dog fan, but I liked this Big Dog.  Amy came up to me and said hi, told me she is with the rescue group to help the kids, and asked if I knew where everyone was.  I told her if she could stand an old man, I would take her there.  She followed me in her black SUV, and when we got there only a few rescuers showed up.  She talked to them like I talked to locals.  By all accounts her dog Dan should have died.  This dog jumped onto the mesa and had to grab for a rope that would be given to the kids.  Then they would be taken off by a sort of basket.  That's to sum it up.  I think I am writing about Dan more then anything.  This dog listened to every word she said, never taking his eye's off of her until it was time for him to work. 

A dog named Dan changed me.  I should have probably gone into more detail, but who am I but some old man who thought he'd seen most everything.  But what this old man has never seen until a dog named Dan came along was extraordinary, intelligent and true devotion of an animal.  Thanks for reading this and if anyone runs into Amy or her dog Dan, tell her old Chris says hi, and give that dog Dan a good old pat for me, that dog is worth it."

Editor's note:  I found this girl named Amy and this red dog named Dan.  I actually drove all the way to Fountain Hill AZ to meet these two.  Yes they are real.  Amy laughed at me a bit, took no credit for Dan at all.  I said "how can that be"?  And she said, "Rick, it's all in the breeding, you want a good dog, go to Indiana and get one from Stonelane Hunter Kennels"  I agree with old Chris; good person good dog.

Sadly, Dan passed two months after that rescue.  Amy is now working with a dog named Bert, also a Stonelane Hunter dog.

This is a new story about a wiggles pup that is a search and rescue dog in Arizona.  Same girl (Amy), the dogs owner, and the dog Bert. (littermate to Red Bud on the stud page).  They were working a brush fire with the fire department officials.  A flash flood rain came along later in the day, unbeknown to Amy and the firefighters, while they were taking cover, the dog Bert took off running and bailed into a wash.  Fearing for the dog, they ran to the running stream only to see that Bert had an eleven year old girl by the sleeve and pulling her to the side of the bank.  No one heard the little girl screaming, except Bert.  Needless to say, it took 5 firefighters to pull the girl and dog out of the wash.  Bert was only about 9 months old at the time of the rescue.  Bert made the national news and has received a medal from the local firefighters.  Later, Amy, Bert and other rescue workers were looking for campers or anyone else that might have been stranded from the fire.  When they came upon an injured young deer.  Amy told Bert to get the baby.  Bert went into the smoldering brush, grabbed the deer, and pulled it out far enough for the rescue people to be able to get to it.  Bert is soon to appear in some local firefighter magazines. 

By the time Bert was 2, he had saved 8 human lives along with 7 animals.  A short time later Bert and his owner were honored by the National Firefighters organization.  Bert now has his name on a plaque in New York central park east, with 2 articles to appear in national firefighter magazines.

A letter received from Scott Koukola, talking about his Bosco x Tasha pup.  Scott writes; I picked up Rosco around Jan 22, 2010...He has been a wonderful family companion as well as a working dog.  Being both is always a challenge because he has to differentiate between play and work time.  He has more that lived up to these expectations and exceeded them.  He is currently doing multiple retrieves on land and water, and getting ready to start blind retrieves.  He is very smart an learns quickly.  Thanks Scott

In 2006 we purchased a wonderful little black Lab puppy from your kennel.  He has been an absolute delight.  A very intelligent animal and just absolutely beautiful animal, even our Vet comments on his posture and mentality.  On June 8, 2008 he took second place in the semi-pro division of the National Dock Dog show in Nashville, TN.  It was only his second event with him jumping 21' 5".  As you can probably tell we are quite proud of him and just wanted to let you know that even though we're not hunting him, he is still a champ.  Thanks, Joyce Caswell and Danny Caywood

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